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Initial Consultation.


The primary objective during your initial consultation is to determine the cause of your primary complaint so that the right treatment plan can then be recommended.

Importantly, you will be fully informed of any necessary treatment and fees associated with this once the Podiatrist has determined the right treatment plan for you.

The Podiatrist will generally treat the primary complaint which is usually the one which is most painful. If you have multiple problems the Podiatrist will most likely need to schedule a second visit to adequately assess and treat all your complaints.

Subsequent Clinic Visit.


Clinic visits are tailored to your individual foot care needs.

Nails are trimmed and filed, any corns or callus are removed and your heels are sanded smooth. 

Your treatment is completed with a heavenly mini foot massage using creams selected just for you. Thus ensuring you maintain good foot health.

Subsequent Home Visit.


Home visits are tailored to your individual foot care needs.

Nails are trimmed and filed, any corns or callus are removed and your heels are sanded smooth. 

Your treatment is completed with a heavenly mini foot massage using creams selected just for you. Thus ensuring you maintain good foot health.



The Medi-Pedi  is a 45 minute treatment which is renowned as a luxury treatment for your feet. It will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.


It is only offered at the clinic and is performed by a qualified Podiatrist. 

Your luxury treatment begins with a relaxing Prende Podicure mineral foot soak containing Frankincense and Myrrh.  This is followed by a Gehwol Bamboo & Jojoba foot scrub.

Your toenails will be trimmed, reshaped, and any problem nails treated.  

Any corns are painlessly removed.  

The feet are transformed with the safe skilled removal of all callus.  

Heels and rough skin are sanded smooth with the application of Gehwol callous softener and the feet are left revitalised, and glowing.

The penultimate stage is an application of Prende Podicure Intense nourishing oil applied to the feet, followed by Prende hot paraffin wax application. 

It ends with the application of a deeply nourishing Prende Podicure Intense foot balm which contains Frankincense & Myrrh.  Pure bliss........

This fusion of health and beauty utilises Prende Podicure Intense & Gehwol amazing range of foot care products.

Nail Surgery.


For a recurrent or excessively painful in growing toenail, a minor medical procedure can be carried out at the clinic.  

This procedure is carried out under a Local Anaesthetic, for your comfort.

This involves permanently removing a small strip of nail (Partial Nail Avulsion) or the whole nail  (Total Nail Avulsion) under local anaesthetic.  

The nail bed, which is where the nail grows from, is inactivated by the use of a strong chemical called Phenol.  

This also helps to reduce the level of post-operative pain as the nerve endings are inactivated also. 

You will require a dressing appointment in 4 days post procedure, then a further review in 2 week's time.  This is all included in the cost of the procedure.

Ingrowing Toenail.


Onchocryptosis Is the medical term which applies when the edge of a nail plate of a toenail embeds in varying degrees into the soft tissue around it.  This usually caused pain, swelling and if left untreated and underlying infection begins to form.

It may range from improper trimming of the nail, which in turn causes a nail spike to pierce the soft surrounding tissue.  This may lead to a long standing complaint where the soft tissue has grown over the nail plate and the nail embeds itself into this tissue as it grows.  Trauma to the nail can also cause the nail plate to embed into the surrounding tissue.

Here at Feet by Phil we are able to offer you the one stop shop for in growing toenail treatments.  As a podiatrist, and if assessed as being necessary, we will be able to dispense you a course of antibiotics to eliminate the underlining infection without you having to make additional appointment with your GP.

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Verrucae Treatments.


Verrucae are usually found on the soles of the foot, although they can grow around the toes. Verrucae are caused by a papilloma virus, which is also responsible for warts on other parts of the body.

Verrucae are harmless, however, they can cause a sharp, burning pain if you get one on a weight-bearing area such as the ball or the heel of the foot. Because you are constantly pressing on the area when walking, they can protrude into the skin and become more painful.

The virus is contagious and seems to thrive in damp conditions – such as swimming pools, showers and bathrooms.  It can only be caught by direct contact with the virus, by walking on say, a wet surface or by using infected towels.  Cuts and foot injuries can increase the risk of picking up a Verruca.

Many people prefer to start with a home treatment.  This may range from covering the verrucae with duct tape to seal out the air and cause the verrucae to lift out on its own. 

Alternatively, using an over the counter product which you must follow the instructions carefully and continue the treatment for at least 12 weeks.  Failure to do so may cause the verrucae to become larger or spread, which will require you to consult your podiatrist.

You must remember no podiatrist can 100% guarantee that they will 100% get rid of this verrucae. But the success rate will be much higher as we have access to stronger treatments than you do.

Falknor's Needling.


Falknor's needling procedure is an innovative and effective treatment for verrucae's.

How does this method of treatment work?  By puncturing the verruca with an empty sterile needle many times, the viral particles are directly exposed to the fatty tissue beneath the skin where the body is rich in immune regulators. 


Here the immune system can recognise and destroy the virus.  As this immune response if often systemic, treatment of only one Verruca is required even where there are many lesions as spontaneous remission occurs in all, or most, verrucae at the same time.

The procedure is carried out painlessly under a local anaesthetic and only mild soreness the following day has been reported by a few patients, although the majority of patients feel no discomfort at all following treatment.

You will require an Initial consultation.  Followed by the procedure, then two post procedure appointments.

Fungal Nail Infections.



Onychomycosis is the medical term which applies when fungi or yeasts have infected a toenail.  

The fungi can enter the nail at several different points, either through the tip of the nail and under the nail plate or through the top of the nail via the surface.  The last way is between the skin fold and the nail. 

Once the fungi enter the nail they breakdown the nail structure and use the keratin to give them energy to reproduce and spread through the nail plate.

For a mild superficial infection, we can dispense you an antifungal once a day or once a week agent which you paint on yourself at home.  An assessment will be undertaken by the podiatrist.

For a distal nail infection (top of the nail) a 5% Amorolfine nail lacquer therapy can be dispensed to you after a full medical assessment.  

The other treatment that will be undertaken will be to reduce the nail thickness to help the absorption of the lacquer and increase the cosmetic appearance of the nail.

All topical treatments take on average 6 months to a year to treat the infection, as the treatment protects the new nail growth as well as reducing the fungal contamination. 

Diabetic Foot Screening.


If you are diabetic and wish us to monitor your feet annually we are happy to do so. 

We will check circulatory status, vibration perception and nerve supply to your feet and test reflexes. 

A skin and nail screening will be performed and advice on foot care and footwear offered.

We will gladly forward a written report of our findings free of charge to your GP if you required.

L.C.N Nail Reconstruction.


If you have a damaged or unsightly toenail, then we can help.

We use Wilde-Pedique which is a UV gel designed specifically for the reconstitution of toenails. 

The finished nail is light, flexible and durable. The UV gel comes in a range of shades to suit your own skin tone.

It's uses are:

For building a new nail over previous damaged nails.

Disguising unsightly toenails.

Replacing nails lost through trauma.

Disguising fungal nails.



Hyperhidrosis (Sweaty Feet)

Hyperhidrosis or excessively sweaty feet have been linked to over activity of the sympathetic nervous system.  

It causes excessive sweating at most times of the day and night, this in turn can cause considerable social, psychological and occupational problems.

Treatment ranges

Antiperspirants are the first line of treatment for this condition moving to the more vigorous treatments of Botulinum toxin injections to the affected area.

Here at Feet by Phil we offer an Iontophoresis treatment.

For some individuals it is the most effective treatment for palmer, plantar hyperhidrosis.  Nearly all patients achieve a complete cessation of sweating after about four 20 minutes sessions.  

We recommend that you should have initially had seven treatment sessions, and then just have one session for maintenance, as and when necessary.

This is normally once a week or so, and can be as little as once every two months.  It really is an individual thing and depends on each patient.  

The treatment is pain free, safe and can be done as often as necessary.

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Local Anaesthetics.


As a H.C.P.C Podiatrist I am fully trained in the use of Local Anaesthetics.

I use an injection technique utilising an extra fine dental needle in combination with a pre injection spray to minimise discomfort during the local anaesthetic.

This is so successful that we even offer the procedure for children.

Unlike general anaesthetics, local anaesthetics don't cause you to lose consciousness. 

This means they're generally safer, don't normally require any special preparation before they can be used, and you can recover from them more quickly.

PACT Med Therapy.


PACT® Med (Photodynamic Anti-microbial Therapy) 

This allows nail fungus to be killed effectively using PACT® med photosensitizing gel that is selectively stimulated with the PACT® Med light source.  99.99% of all bacteria and fungi are destroyed without side effect. 

No medical procedure can 100% guarantee, but the success rate for the PACT® procedure is 25% - 69%.

You will require an initial consultation to discuss the possibility of undertaking the PACT® Med treatment. 

The treatment protocol depends on the severity and site of the infection. Please note full payment is taken in advance to secure the booking.


If you decide to proceed with the PACT® Med treatment you will require the following time commitment:-

In the first 7 days you will need to attend for 3 treatments of a minimum of 20 minute duration.

Followed by a further weekly treatment  for3 to 5 weeks depending on the severity of the infection.



 As a registered H.C.P.C Podiatrist I am able to administer and supply certain Prescription Only Medicines in the course of my practice.  

This saves you time, as you may not need to see your GP for certain medicines.